The construction of the northern bypass of Tver on M11 Neva begins

In the nearest future, the construction of the northern bypass of Tver from 149 to 208 km on M11 Neva highway will start . At the present moment, the tender procedure has been completed, and the contractor for the construction work has been determined.

The length of the bypass will be 63.8 km. It will be a four-lane road of IA category with a maximum permitted speed of 130 km/h. On the site it is expected to erect 6 bridges and 22 overpasses. Toll plazas will be located at 159 and 177 km, road interchanges will be provided for the cities of Bezhetsk and Kimry. The average daily traffic intensity is predicted at 21 thousand cars rate. The opening of the bypass is scheduled for July 31, 2025.

A map of the location of toll plazas, rest areas, gas stations and roadside toilets on M11 Neva highway can be found here.