One can pay for travel on MHSD with a transponder M11:15-58

Since April 10, the possibility of paying for travel along the Moscow high-speed diameter (MHSD) with a M11:15-58 transponder has been launched in test mode. Payment is made using a "free flow" system.

Please note that if you use a M-11:15-58 transponder on the road, then a charge for trips will appear in your personal account after checking the MHSD road operator, which can take from 3 to 7 days. To pay for such a trip on the day of the charge, your personal account must have a positive balance. Otherwise, the trip will need to be paid on the official website of the operator MHSD msd.mos.ru, or in the application "Parking of Russia".

You can get more detailed information about the Moscow high-speed diameter on the website, in the Parking of Russia mobile application, as well as at 3210 (from mobile) or +7 495 539 5454 (from city).