Tariffs on M11 will be changed on November 1

Starting from November 1, 2019, new tariffs will be introduced on M11 “Moscow-St. Petersburg” Highway. Toll rates will be divided on daily and weekend tariffs; discounts for owners of all transponders will be set from 20 to 40%. 

A weekend tariff will work for vehicles of 1st category on Friday, weekends, holidays and pre-holidays.

For T-Pass transponder owners, is set a discount of 30 to 40% (depends on the category and route). In particular, when traveling on sections 58-149 km of M-11 in both directions for vehicles of 1st and 2nd categories from 6:00 to 1:00 is applied a 30% discount. For vehicles of 3rd and 4th categories on the section 89-149 km is applied a 30% discount and on the section 58-149 km is 40%. On the section from 208 to 646 km the discount can also reach 40%. 

For owners of other transponders on the M-11 “Moscow-St. Petersburg” highway is set a 30% discount on the section from 208 to 646 km in both direction. On the section from 543 to 646 km will be a 20% discount.  

Please note that the fare has also changed for vehicles of 3rd and 4th categories on sections of 58-97 km and 97-149 km of the M-11 highway.

The whole list of tarrifs is avaliable in the file below.