Determination of time intervals for passing some sections on M11 Neva

To combat frauds with toll payments on M11 Neva, time intervals for passing and paying at approved tariffs are enforced on some highway routes from 15 to 58 km and from 208 to 258 km.

For the routes from 24 to 28 km and from 208 to 214 km (in both directions), a 1-hour time interval is established. For the routes from 208 to 258 km and from 214 to 258 km (in both directions), the time interval will be 2 hours. A 4-hour inteval is effective from 21 to 24 km and from 21 to 28 km in both directions.

It means that from now on a driver, who enters the toll section with a ticket or using a transponder, should meet the time limits until exiting it. If the set time period is exceeded, then the toll on the indicated routes will be charged at the maximum tariff.