United Toll System LLC introduces emergency short numbers at toll roads on M3 Ukraine and M4 Don Highways

From December 1, 2018, the toll roads on M3 "Ukraine" Highway (from the km 124 to 194) and Highway M4 "Don" (from km 225 to 633) will see the introduction of the *2033 and *2044 emergency short numbers.

In case of emergency and if help is required while driving on a toll road, the driver will be able to contact the operator to report the reason for calling and their location by dialing *2033 and *2044 on the M3 "Ukraine" Highway and M4 "Don" Highway respectively. The specialist will send the Traffic Safety Inspector or Recovery Service provider to help settle the issue at no extra charge for the driver. If necessary, the operator will also arrange for emergency services.

“By paying the toll, the person can travel along the chosen route quickly and conveniently, as well as seek help from specialists, if necessary, and at no extra charge. Whatever the emergency might be: feeling unwell while driving, a vehicle breakdown, running out of petrol or another type of incident - dial the emergency short number straight away and wait for the specialists to come help,” commented Thierry Puy, General Director at UTS.

Highway M-11 "Moscow - Saint Petersburg" also has its own emergency short number: *2011.