UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors helped more than 31 thousand drivers in first half of 2021

In the first half of 2021 UTS traffic safety inspectors provided help to more than 21 thousand drivers on the toll sites of the roads, operated by company. On M4 Don 11 137 people asked for assistance, on M11 Neva  – 9 073 drivers and on M3 Ukraine – 884 users.  

The most common reason for calling traffic safety inspector is still a car breakdown (12,638 calls). The second position is shared by fuel shortages and road accidents.

Traffic safety inspector, on average, arrives to the call within 15 minutes, earlier than the police, ambulance, firefighters or other emergency services. First, the specialist sets up special cones and signs, enclosing a standing vehicle. A warning message is displayed on the electronic dashboard of TSI car, informing other road users. If necessary, traffic safety inspector  can help to fix a broken car, change a wheel, provide first-aid medical or psychological assistance to the driver. 

Interestingly, in 2021, UTS specialists, especially on the M-11 road, often had to "remove" pedestrians from the roadway. Traffic safety inspectors drove up to people, explained that their presence on the high-speed road as a pedestrian is very dangerous and therefore prohibited by traffic rules. Further, TSI drove all the pedestrians in their car to the nearest safe place.

“Since the borders of many states are closed this year due to epidemiological reasons, domestic tourism is gaining momentum in Russia. This means that traffic is increasing on all roads, including those operated by UTS. The number of calls to our traffic safety inspector’s service in just the first half of 2021 in terms of indicators almost approached the number of calls for the entire 2020 - then about 35 thousand people turned to them. All this shows how much the traffic safety inspector’s service is in demand and is necessary to ensure the safety of all road users”, - added Oleg Trofimov, UTS First Deputy General Director.

We remind you that UTS emergency service on toll highways is available at the following phone numbers: *2033 – on M3 Ukraine, *2044 – on M4 Don and *2011 – on M11 Neva. All the calls and traffic safety inspectors’ assistance is free of charge. 

About the company 

United Toll Systems (UTS) Limited Liability Company is the first and largest operator of toll roads in Russia, providing services for road maintenance, traffic and safety, as well as toll collection. Under the framework of agreements with owners and concessionaires of toll roads UTS operates toll sections on the highways M3 Ukraine, M4 Don and M11 Neva.

Company website: www.unitoll.ru 

For additional information, please contact the UTS Communications Manager:
Svetlana Kuskova: kuskova_s@unitoll.ru, phone: +7(925) 087 91 61