UTS Traffic Safety Inspectors helped 25 506 drivers in the first half of 2023

In the first half of 2023 (from 1 January to 1 July) UTS traffic safety inspectors provided help to more than 25.5 thousand drivers on the toll sites of the roads, operated by company. On M4 Don in Tula, Lipetsk and Voronezh regions 12 384 people asked for assistance, on M11 Neva in Moscow, Tver and Novgorod regions – 12 222 drivers and on M3 Ukraine in Kaluga region – 900 users.  

The most common reason for calling a traffic safety inspector is still a car breakdown (15 286  calls). The second position is fuel shortages – 4 642 times traffic safety inspectors helped drivers with that issue only in the first half of the year. The third “most popular” reason of traffic safety inspectors coming is a stationary vehicle on the road. The driver probably didn’t know about traffic safety inspector’s service and decided to fix a car himself or he/she didn’t know about rest areas and stopped to walk on the emergency lane.

Meanwhile, stopping on the emergency lane is one of the main causes of accidents. According to our internal statistics, within 20 minutes, another car drives into a vehicle that is stationary on the side of the road, that is why traffic safety inspector coming to the rescue enclosing a standing vehicle and if necessary, puts up special cones and signs, fencing off the standing vehicle. A warning message is displayed on the electronic dashboard of TSI car, informing other road users. Traffic safety inspector also can help to fix a broken car, change a wheel, provide first-aid medical or psychological assistance to the driver. 

Comparing to last year, the load on the traffic safety inspector’s service has already increased by 14%, and we have noticed this trend on all the roads we operate. Of course, the development of domestic tourism and the increase in traffic on the roads as a whole, especially in summer, when all road services traditionally have the “hottest” period, have affected,” – said Oleg Trofimov, UTS General Director.

Traffic safety inspector, on average, arrives to the call within 15 minutes, earlier than the police, ambulance, firefighters or other emergency services. UTS emergency service on toll highways is available at the single phone number *2323. All the calls and traffic safety inspectors’ assistance is free of charge.