Joint exercise of UTS, traffic police and EMERCOM was held on M4

On October 16 UTS, traffic police and EMERCOM held joint exercise on M4 Don highway at 515 km. The participants worked out the preventive measures taken at elimination of consequences after traffic accidents on the highways.

The purpose of this event is training of prompt response skills and improvement of quality of the emergency services interaction on the highway. During the exercise the parties taking part in the elimination of consequences upon traffic accidents worked out the procedure of proper response in emergency, including timely arrival at the accident spot, provision of first aid to the injured and traffic recovery on the road section.

The forces of UTS, MIA of Russia, EMERCOM and MTTS “Voronezh branch” i.e. TSI and recovery services, traffic police patrol, fire-fighting rescue crew fitted with fire-extinguishing means and accredited for carrying out rescue operations, transport emergency elimination and containment,  two special rescue groups on Honda VFR1200X motor cycles and one multipurpose road maintenance vehicle were involved in the exercise.