New tolling rules for users of toll highways

The Government of the Russian Federation approved new rules for collecting tolls on the highways. They will enter into force on March 1, 2022 and will be valid until March 1, 2028.

The new rules are not very different from the old ones, but simply clarify many points for road users. In particular, there remains a provision in the rules that if an open toll collection system is used on a toll highway, the user pays for the trip when passing through each toll plaza. If on the toll site a closed toll collection system is used, the driver pays when passing through the toll plaza located at the exit from the road, with the ticket received at the entrance to the toll site, depending on the distance actually traveled. If the ticket is missing or lost, the operator calculates the toll based on the maximum possible distance. 

The new rules also provide three ways of payment for travel on toll roads. The user can pay for the trip at the toll plaza, at a prepayment, in case of user registration in the information system, and after-payment when driving along a toll highway equipped with a "free flow" toll collection system.

The funds previously transferred to the operator for a future trip are taken into account in his personal account and are debited on the fact of travel. If the user has a debt, then the preliminary deposit of funds will first pay the debt.

The new rules are available at the link.